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Lagniappe, (pronounced/LAN-yap),
is a word from the French meaning
“a little bit of something extra” typically given to a customer
by a merchant.
Joly Designs gives the gift of
the Marketing Matrix-
a useful tool that combines
your industry expertise with our marketing prowess to create a proactive approach to marketing.

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An engaging Brand Identity
is one of the foundations of any successful marketing effort.

Your Brand Identity helps communicate to your potential clients not just WHAT you can do for them but HOW you will do it.
It communicates your values and your level of professionalism.

We've broken this down to a very Basic Package that will get any business started in the right direction. Or, if you're already established, we can streamline and expand your image further.

Email for a free evaluation of your Brand Identity or to see how JOLY DESIGNS can create one for you.



The Marketing Matrix is a useful tool for the business owner that doesn't have an in-house marketing department.
JOLY DESIGNS offers a free brainstorming session that will:
  • Define your target market
  • Determine a marketing budget
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Track your marketing efforts
Call us at 877-870-5081 and get a Marketing Matrix designed for your company or organization's specific goals.
Get a mobile app designed specifically for your business or organization and…
  • increase and secure solid referrals and speed up the sales the process
  • instantly connect customers to your business and build customer loyalty
  • drive profits with instantaneous marketing
  • stay ahead of the technology curve and capture a larger portion of your target market